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Combine all of the above and throw in a bit of 'wild' and you have our museum team! 

Come experience the live animal kingdom with our professional and engaging team.

The Museum & Exhibits Team

Paul Goulet - CEO

Founder. Dreamer. Visionary. Creative Director.

Paul is a man of many talents but most noticeably he sees what others sometimes can't - POSSIBILITIES!

After 25 years of working magic and creating some of the most engaging exhibits in North America, Paul can make any space come to life - literally. His passion for education and conservation is pervasive in all he does. And if he himself can't tell you how amazing an animal is - you can bet he has made sure his staff can!

Julie Beaulieu - COO

The yin to Paul's yang - Julie brings systems and efficiencies to life. Coming from a high performance sport background in Olympic and Paralympic sport, Julie sees the value in leaving no stone unturned and dotting every 'i'.

Her attention to detail combined with her passion for conservation ensures our exhibits meet and exceed all expectations. When not behind a desk working spreadsheets, Julie is in the backcountry hiking, climbing and skiing.

Shane McConnell - Director of Sales

Shane has been working with Little Ray's since 2012 and has done everything from educational presentations, animal care, social media, museum exhibits, to his current role in business development and marketing where he manages our museum exhibits program and fundraising.

He first started working with animals in South Africa when he joined a volunteer/student program at the Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and has been working to help animals at Little Ray's and around the world since. His favourite animal is the black rhino.

Dr. Andre Ngo - Director of Animal Welfare and Education

Dr. Ngo is our Director of Animal Welfare and Education. As a biologist, Dr. Ngo is involved in academic research and conservation, even publishing here at Little Ray’s.

His experience in this field is an asset as we arrange for permits and evaluate best practices in our animal care and museum exhibitions. He is also an educator with a passion for curriculum development, and has taught full time at the elementary, middle school, high school, and even college level, giving him additional insight into the needs of the educational community as well as those of museum and zoo visitors.

This combined with decades of zoo, museum, and animal husbandry experience, has made him a natural fit as our Director of Animal Welfare and Education. He is passionate about both conservation and education, and this comes through as he helps develop exhibit content, curriculum compliant educational programs, and our animal care and welfare programs.

Richard Robertson - VP Museum Programs

You name it - Richard has probably shipped it globally! From animals, arts and cultural artefacts, to tour bands and even power plants. Richard is a logistician and business strategist by trade, finding routes to develop the companies abilities, sales - marketing and operations.  Always listening to music, Richard dreams of an alternate career on the golf course.

Delivis Niedzialek - Manager of Museum Programs

Delivis was raised in Toronto by a combination of science textbooks, video gaming guilds, and the then burgeoning internet. Through this upbringing, he developed a keen interest in science and the public understanding (and misunderstanding) of science.

After years of study at the University of Toronto, having assimilated a smorgasbord of courses primarily focused on molecular biology and the philosophy of science, Delivis set out to work on his primary passion of public science education.

Since then, Delivis has managed various projects and companies dedicated to improving public science understanding, given hundreds of public talks and media appearances, and has always remembered where his towel was throughout

Tess Zhang - Asian Sector Business Development

Before joining Little Ray's Nature Center, Tess was the operations manager at a Canadian zoo who ensured smooth operations and executed decisions to meet its strategy.

Through her collaborative leadership style and team-based approach, she recruited, mentored and developed high-performing teams, enabling a coveted industry award to be achieved during her leadership - the 5-year Canadian Accredited Zoos and Aquarium accreditation.  

Tess is completing her Master in Business Administrations at Cornell University and Queen's University. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Study and Economics at the University of Toronto.

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