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Boots On The Ground Conservation

Words may inspire but only action creates change.

At Little Ray's we believe in putting words into action and are proud to belong to some incredible in situ conservation efforts.

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Little Ray's F.A.R.E

F.A.R.E. is proud to partner with world leading organizations to help with conservation efforts as simple as in our own back yard to around the world. We are the first carbon neutral zoo in Canada, have been part of Species Survival Plan programs, worked internationally with endangered species and are at it again! Read below for some of our current efforts.

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Project 1

Siamese Crocodiles

The Foundation for Animal Rescue and Education is launching a new campaign to help critically endangered Siamese Crocodile.

Little Ray's is looking to raise $16,000 to help with the expansion of the rearing ponds and ability to incubate more young crocodilians to expand the population of Siamese Crocodiles.

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Project 2

Big-Headed Turtle Rescue


Turtle Rescue Center

Little Ray’s Nature Centres partially funded and managed the construction of the first captive breeding and release facility for the big-headed turtles in Myanmar – the Babwe Turtle Rescue Center (TRC).


Captive Breeding Program

98 big headed turtles were selected from the local population and moved to breeding enclosures in November 2019.


Hopeful Release

Currently a total of 397 big headed turtles are being housed at the TRC. Their health status is being regularly checked by a vet and breeding continues with the hopes of releasing into the wild in the near future.