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SUPPORT Little Ray's F.A.R.E

Little Ray's Foundation for Animal Rescue and Education (F.A.R.E.) is a registered Canadian non-profit organization that supports and funds Canada's largest exotic animal rescue.

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We are a rescue, conservation and educational organization that works tirelessly to rescue, care for, re-home, and where possible release exotic animals back into the wild.


F.A.R.E. supports and funds the housing, feeding and care of over 1000 rescued animals in one of our three physical locations.

We work with all levels of government and public to promote responsible pet ownership and backyard conservation through policy, education and boots-on-the-ground projects.


There are many ways to support F.A.R.E.

  • Provide a monthly donation
  • Be a personal corporate donor
  • Adopt an animal
  • Sponsor a zoo habitat
  • Donate time, materials, or media

We’re always happy to talk to animal lovers who want to help our cause!

Email us at FARE@lrnc.ca or call 877-522-8440 to get started!

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Julie Cole - Director of Development

Julie can not remember a time when she wasn't surrounded by animals. As a young child she dreamed of a career in veterinary medicine and even though life had other plans, her strong love for nature and all of its inhabitants has remained unchanged.

As a former entrepreneur with experience in marketing, event production, fundraising and partnerships, Julie brings with her a very strong sense of community and connection. She currently manages Little Ray's donor and membership programs as well as fundraising and sponsorship initiatives.

She resides with her family in the Ottawa area, surrounded by dogs, cats, a bearded dragon and a 27 year old cockatiel that she's owned and loved since the age of 16.

Contact Julie directly regarding donations or development opportunities - juliecole@lrnc.ca

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