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Live Online Zoo Show

Experience Exotic Animals from your home!

With large amounts of the world in lockdown, It can be hard to find something exciting to do. Luckily Little Ray's Nature Centres can help!

Live Online Zoo Show - Zoo Zoom

What is included in an Online Zoo Zoom Show?

Each Live Online Zoo Show is hosted by one of our Animal Experts located at one of our Nature Centres. The Animal Experts starts off each virtual animal show by introducing himself, Little Ray's Nature Centres, and giving an overview of what you're about to experience.

From there they jump right into the main event! Traveling between different habitats the expert goes over the animal, diet, interesting facts and more!

The best part, They can event interact directly with you and the animals! This means you get an up-close look at animals like never before including: Snakes, Lizards, Alligators, Cayman, Sloths, and more!

Have a question during the Live Online Zoo Show? Just Ask! The Animals Experts can answer all kinds of questions about the Animals. They may even be able to feed them for you live!

Zoo-Zooms Starting at $95 CDN

Book a Zoo-Zoom Show

Book a Live Online Zoo-Zoom Show

Explore these Animals, and More!